Indica Cannabis Strains

Indica is one of the three main groups of cannabis strains. They are primarily known for their calming effects. If you are in search of indica cannabis strains, then you have arrived on the right page, as here you will find a complete listing of them.

Originally, indica referred to cannabis strains discovered in India and this later changed to mean strains from Afghanistan. However, today it is broadly used to describe plants that are stout with broad leaves that are deep green. The buds of indica strains tend to be denser and more compact than those of sativa plants. Cannabis indica plants also mature much faster than sativa plants, with flowering time of between 35 and 65 days. They also grow well in cold climates. 

Indica cannabis strains are associated with full-body effects such as heavy limbs and a tingling face. They are also said to help with relaxation and insomnia. As such, people often turn to indica strains in the evening, to help them unwind at the end of the day. The strains also produce a high that makes people happy or even euphoric, so while they can be thought of as bringing you down physically, they will not make you miserable. A typical effect of indica strains may be to leave you stuck on the couch feeling content with the world. Very often indica strains will have higher levels of CBD, but this doesn’t mean that they are low in THC.

It is important to remember that when selecting a cannabis strain, knowing whether it is indica, sativa or hybrid may give you some idea of the effects that it will have. However, in reality there are many more factors that will determine what type of high you experience, such as your individual endocannabinoid system and the strain’s chemical profile.

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