Santa Cruz OG Cannabis Strain Profile

Santa Cruz OG is a hybrid cannabis strain named after the town in which it was created, Santa Cruz, California. There, the geneticists at 831 Organiks, 831 being the Santa Cruz, CA area code, combined two highly sought-after strains to create this unique blend of cannabis characteristics to impact both the body and mind.

Santa Cruz OG

Strain: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa

This Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain departs slightly from other OG hybrids in that it offers slightly more Sativa effects than its counterparts. Santa Cruz has long been a hotbed for expanding consciousness. So, it follows that a strain sharing its name with a culture that endeavors to “keep Santa Cruz weird” would put extra emphasis on the effects of the mind. Santa Cruz OG does just that. In doing so, the strain has secured its place among cannabis culture enthusiasts for its departure from the OG norm.

Created by the breeders at 831 Organiks, Santa Cruz OG is a combination of OG Kush and Afghooey. Both of these strains are widely recognized as standouts among cannabis strains. Their combination serves to deliver a potent and uniquely therapeutic cannabis strain to consumers.

THC Content: Average 18% / As high as 21%

CBD Content: 0%

Santa Cruz OG is admired for its ability to attract consumers not only for its recreational effects but also its many reported therapeutic effects. Its moderate level of potency ensures that this strain can be enjoyed by a wide audience without impacting one’s day to day too detrimentally. Nevertheless, even though it is of moderate strength, this strain is not likely one that new smokers should begin with nor should consumers use during daytime hours.

Fragrance: Citrus, Sour, Fruity

Santa Cruz OG has a great set of fruity and citrus-inspired aromas. These qualities make this strain a delight to behold every time its container is opened.

Flavors: Citrus, Sour, Fruity, Peppery

Santa Cruz OG’s flavor mirrors its aromas with a spicy and peppery quality that adds to its uniqueness when compared to other OG variants.

Appearance: Bright, Airy, Sticky

Santa Cruz OG is an airy bud, which has a bright appearance and helps sell in terms of bag appeal. The flowers are rich in white trichomes with a very modest amount of pistils that tend to reside in bunches.

Most Common Uses: Stress, Multiple Sclerosis, Pain Relief, Anxiety

Santa Cruz OG has a wide variety of effects that are reported to alleviate symptoms of many mental and somatic ailments. These uses include the ability to reduce stress and anxiety in users as well as help diminish the effects felt with depression. Moderate pain relief, joint inflammation, and even MS have been reported to ease with the use of Santa Cruz OG.

Whether using this strain for mental or physical therapies, consumers will find it offers both relief and relaxation.

Side Effects: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Anxiety, Paranoia

Santa Cruz OG is a strain that does appear to impart the common dry mouth and dry eye side effects in consumers. Fortunately, these side effects are easy to manage. However, other side effects that have been reported in this strain are not so benign.

Some consumers report that Santa Cruz OG can be a source of anxiety and paranoia. This may depend on the dosage one is using during their use. It may also be attributed to the heightened Sativa genetics found in this unique strain.

Growing: High Yield, Moderate Difficulty, 8 Weeks To Flower

Santa Cruz OG is a strain that benefits greatly from its unique genetic profile. The plant has considerable Indica qualities, which ensure its stability and resilience to several environmental factors. Additionally, its Sativa makeup improves the strain’s overall yield.

On the downside, the strain may prove tough for some inexperienced growers who lack space and practice with advanced techniques to ensure high yields that this plant can produce. Lastly, the Santa Cruz, California climate is a unique one. Situated on the California coast at the foot of a sloping redwood forest, these environmental factors can be tough to reproduce in an outdoor setting. Without them, it will be quite difficult to reproduce the success found by the strain’s developers.

Grow time for both indoor and outdoor plants will average about 8 weeks, with outdoor plants generally ready to harvest in October. Yield can be considerable, reaching as high as a pound per plant.

Final Thoughts on Santa Cruz OG

Santa Cruz OG enjoys wide notoriety and popularity among cannabis consumers for its unique mix of Indica and Sativa genetics. Overall, 831 Organiks has created a strain based on OG Kush that will likely endure for many more years to come.

With an average THC content of 18%, Santa Cruz OG isn’t the most potent strain on the menu. However, the strain will lead consumers to a state of relaxation and offer those who seek its therapeutic effects a welcome reprieve from many ailments.

Santa Cruz OG has a great flavor and aroma profile that are punctuated by mouthwatering sweet citrus and pepper.

While it may be of intermediate difficulty in terms of cultivation, Santa Cruz OG will reward growers with abundant yields if they can overcome the few issues this strain may present in the garden. QA quick turnaround on harvest and abundant yields make this strain worth pursuing your next grow.

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