9D4 Cannabis Strain

A stinky and sticky example of cannabis crossbreeding, 9D4 is a strain that will put you on your butt and leave you there for the duration of an experience.

This strain is potent and attractive for a number of reasons. Namely, it hits towards the higher limit on potency for a hybrid strain. Additionally, there is a wealth of uses for this Indica-dominant strain for both recreational and therapeutic use.

Not only is this strain a considerably potent hybrid, but it also contains a moderate amount of CBD, which helps level out its potency and offers a more well-rounded experience.


Strain: 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

9D4 is a hybrid cannabis strain that mixes the genetics of 1994 Super Skunk and Gorilla Glue/Original Glue.

The strain is one that is highly sought after among growers and consumers alike. Originally bred by geneticists at Ethos Genetics and grown by cultivators throughout the US, consumers can find this useful strain in dispensaries in just about every region of the US where cannabis is legal.

THC Content: Average 22% / As high as 32%

CBD Content: 1-4%

Based on the potential potency of this strain alone, it can be quite intimidating, even for a seasoned consumer. Others may see that high end of THC testing results and see it as an exciting challenge to put their tolerance to the test.

Whichever camp you may fall into or if you fall into several, take this strain seriously and approach it slowly, lest you be overwhelmed and have a generally unfavorable experience.

Rest assured, despite this strain's potentially astronomical THC content, its inclusion of CBD will temper the power of the plant. As a result, the 9D4 strain has potential as a therapeutic option for those with either increased tolerance or with symptoms that demand more potent strains, while fearful of debilitating effects.

Aromas: Earthy, Pungent, Skunk, Chocolate

9D4’s aromas are overwhelmingly earthy, pungent, and smack of skunk, which can be quite overwhelming for some. There is a sweet undertone of chocolate that does emerge as part of this olfactory experience.

Flavors: Skunk, Sour, Diesel

The chemical and sour skunk flavors of 9D4 dominate the palate and consumers who are not fans of those flavors might want to consider another strain over this one.

Appearance: Dark Foliage, Big Buds

9D4 buds are large and boast a thick coating of white and amber trichomes which contrast nicely against its dark green foliage.

Most Common Uses: Mood Disorders, Anxiety, Chronic Pain

As a highly potent strain, 9D4 can work wonders for physical ailments like chronic pain and inflammation of the muscles and joints.

While helpful for physical symptoms, 9D4 also works to alleviate symptoms associated with mood disorders, like ADD, ADHD, and the like. Anxiety can also be tempered with the use of 9D4, but that’s a delicate balancing act for those with a low tolerance, who may actually exacerbate anxiety when using such a potent strain.

Side Effects: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes

While Dry mouth and dry eyes can be common with the use of 9D4, anxiety is a more worrisome side effect that may present itself.

To avoid venturing into panic as a result of anxiety, this strain should be avoided by inexperienced smokers or at least used in small doses until the consumer has a better idea of how the strain will affect them in particular.

Growing: Good Yields, Quick Flowering

9D4 is a cantankerous plant that is resilient and grows sturdily to produce considerable yields. The strain can flower in as few as 49 days, but the developers at ETHOS assert that 9D4 will continue to put on bud weight beyond the two-month mark. That gives growers a bit of wiggle room to grow this crop as a quick turnaround cash crop, or allow buds to develop into imposing kolas.

Final Thoughts on 9D4

A seriously potent example of how selective breeding can produce a strain with astonishing potency, 9D4 is able to address the needs of the most tolerant consumers as well as those with considerable needs from a medical perspective.

With THC content as high as 32% in some cases, this strain is not for the inexperienced. Use it sparingly and only when you know it won’t put you down for the count unexpectedly or trigger an anxiety-laden panic attack.

The appearance, smell, and flavor of this strain are imposing, to say the least. 9D4 exudes earthy, skunky notes that linger long after the container is closed and tucked away.

For growers, the strain is a resilient and reliable one. The unique choice to enjoy a quick harvest or keep bud on the limbs longer for a heavier yield is welcome, too.

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