Limonene – The Terpene That Smells of Lemon

If you are looking for cannabis strains containing Limonene then you are in the right place. Limonene is a fragrant cannabis terpene that is produced in the plant’s resin glands. As you will have guessed from the name, it is responsible for fruity, citrus fragrances, and you will find it in many everyday items such as cosmetics or cleaning products that have a lemony scent.

Limonene does not occur in large quantities in cannabis, it usually accounts for less than 2%. It is believed that the terpene may have potential therapeutic benefits, but not much is known about how it interacts with the brain and the body. The studies that have been carried out have focused on high dosages, far more than will be found in cannabis.

However, the studies have suggested that limonene may help to elevate mood, relieve stress, have antifungal properties, antibacterial properties, help to relieve heartburn and gastric reflux, and help to improve the absorption of other terpenes and chemicals through the skin, mucous membrane and digestive tract.

There has also been suggestions that limonene may have anti-tumour effects, specifically skin, mammary, lung and brain tumours. Nonetheless, far more research is needed before anything can be said definitively.  

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