Understanding Different Cannabis Strains

There are thousands of cannabis strains on the market and no two are quite alike. There are various different ways of grouping strains such as by which cannabinoids they contain or the effects that they produce.

For many years, cannabis has been classed as being indica, sativa or hybrid. Until recently it was taken for granted that indica strains come from short stocky plants and produce strong body highs, sativa strains come from tall thin plants and are energising, and hybrids offer a balance of the two. However, now it is known that this isn’t always true, and far more influences the effects a strain may have.

For instance, it is now believed that the terpene profile of a strain goes a long way to determining its effects. There are many terpenes that are common in cannabis and they also determine each strain’s aroma and flavour. Here you can browse all the different cannabis strains by what terpenes they contain to help you find what you are looking for.

Of upmost importance is a cannabis strain’s THC and CBD levels. THC is the chemical that makes you high but it also has many therapeutic properties. CBD will leave you clear-headed, but it has been found to have many medicinal uses. There are strains that are dominant in one of the two as well as strains that provide a balance.

If you don’t want to worry about the chemical composition of cannabis but you know exactly what effect you are looking for, then you can also browse the strains this way. There are categories such as cannabis to make you sleepy, energetic, relaxed, talkative, euphoric, and so on. Newcomers to cannabis will often find this the best way to explore the various strains, and as they do so, they can develop a better idea of what the other properties represent.

No matter what type of cannabis strains you are interested in, you are sure to find many that are relevant. New strains appear on the market all of the time as growers experiment with crossbreeding. Here you can easily browse the many different strains and you are sure to find exactly what you need in no time at all.

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