Hybrid Cannabis Strains

While originally cannabis plants were classified as either indica or sativa, due to the huge amount of cross breeding that has taken place, today it is very rare to find strains that are pure indica or pure sativa. Rather, nearly all strains are hybrids that will show dominant traits of indica or sativa. However, some cannabis strains are marketed as hybrids, and these tend to be those that have balanced indica and sativa properties. On this page, you can browse a huge number of hybrid cannabis strains to help you find the right one for you.

As hybrid cannabis strains take their genetics from both indicas and sativas, they may have the effects of both. This means that a hybrid strain can make a person happy, euphoric, energised, relaxed, and more. It all depends on which hybrid strain is being used and what effects its parent strains are known to have.

Therefore, when browsing hybrid cannabis strains, it is a good idea to look at its parent strains in order to gain an idea of what kind of effects it may produce. For example, if it has more indica in its lineage, then it may produce more of a body high than a head high. There are a huge number of hybrid cannabis strains available on the market, including many that have become famous over the years.

When choosing a hybrid cannabis strain, in addition to its lineage, you should also consider its THC levels, as this will determine how potent it is. Those interested in medicinal use may also want to consider CBD. Another aspect of hybrid strains that may influence effects is terpenes. You can find information about all of these properties when browsing hybrid strains, and taken together they will ensure that you find the right one for you.

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