Kratom is a Southeast Asian tropical tree known as Mitragyna Speciosa. It is an evergreen tree with medicinal properties, according to traditional belief. When ingested, it can increase productivity and provide energy. Kratom can help treat chronic pain, anxiety, high blood pressure, cough and insomnia. There are three main types: white, red and green.

Kratom is effective in reducing stress, inducing relaxation and promoting better sleep. It induces feelings of euphoria, which can help calm the mind. It has a sedative effect, which also helps with falling asleep. One of the most prominent results seen in people who took Kratom is a decrease in levels of anxiety and sadness. Kratom may be used as an effective alternative to pain relievers for treating pain and discomfort.

Asian natives use Kratom for its sedative effects, which are similar to those of opiates. Kratom falls under the category of psychotropic drugs. This is due to its content of Mitragynine, which is an alkaloid. Mitragynine improves brain function and stimulates the brain’s receptor system resulting in analgesic and euphoric effects. This is only true for low doses, while high doses can cause sedation.

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